It takes commitment

Over the past weekend, we went camping as a family.  I knew it would be hard to stay committed to this process but when you are surrounded by all of your favorite indulgences (smore’s anyone?), it really makes you dig deep.

I planned ahead and brought all of my food and enjoyed fish cooked over the open fire, sweet potatoes and steamed veggies, large fresh salads, and yogurt with fresh fruit.  I left my kettle at home so I was unable to drink my teas each day, but I ate mostly alkaline forming foods so I call that a win.

Last week, I started applying Aura Glow (a mixture of peanut and olive oils) to my patches.  It helps keep them moist and alleviates itching.

I am just over 2 weeks in on this journey and so pleased with how my patches look and feel already.  I did read a warning that around week 3, you can expect a flare up as your body fights hard to rid itself of toxins so curious if it will happen to me.

Here is a look at my patches on Day 16.  The thickness has decreased and it is less flaky.  The patch on my head was starting to flake less but after 5 days of camping, that isn’t the case at the moment.  You can see where I scratched at a few places- a bad habit I have had for over 20 years.  I keep envisioning how there won’t be anything there to scratch and another bad habit will be broken!


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