45 Days

45 days in!  I can’t believe so many days have passed- we were busy with soaking in the last days of summer and then back to school fun.  I wanted to give you an update on how things are going.  I have been eating pretty much the same thing everyday and trying to eat mostly alkaline and avoiding the foods that I am supposed to.  It has been a little challenging because I have been trying to follow a workout program and the nutrition guide that came with that as well because I want to lose weight and get fit.  Trying to balance the two nutrition programs has made choices a bit more limited for me.  I am still following the tea drinking regimen and adding lecithin to my foods each day.

Here is a picture of what I eat each day.  Breakfast is organic, nonfat, greek yogurt with active cultures topped with fresh fruit.  Lunch is a large salad with a variety of veggies, dressing and a side of cottage cheese.  Dinner is usually fish and steamed veggies (a few days  aweek I have either a piece of chicken breast of turkey burger). My snacks include Shakeology, fruit, veggies, almonds or cheese. 8.30.17 food.jpgMy patches are still present, not as thick or flaky as they were when I first started but they have been flared up the past few days.  I am hoping it is a sign of the healing taking place and my body is just trying to get rid of the toxins buildup.  I think I have been eating too much dairy and may have missed some steps to the regimen so I am currently rereading the Healing Psoriasis book to refresh my memory and make sure I am on track for success.

One big component to this is a positive mindset and imagining that the healing has already taken place.  I know this will work and just need to be patient and consistent in the process.


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