IMG_20170913_063432558.jpgAs I am sitting here drinking my morning cup of slippery elm tea, I am reminded about the importance of a positive mindset in this process. I have been struggling a little bit, wondering if I am following the plan close enough and actually working towards the results I am trying to reach- complete healing from psoriasis.

I knew coming into this, that it would be a long term process, but deep down I was secretly hopeful it would heal quickly and I would be on my way. Ha- always wanting the quick fix!!!

“Every day in every way, I am getting better and better.”

“The diet is easy, nutritious,can cleansing.”

“I have a desire only for the foods that I know are healthful to me.”

Mindset plays a huge factor in our overall health, so these are the things I will be telling myself to help keep me positive and focused.

“Our bodies and circumstances are the end result of the thoughts we harbor within.” -Pagano

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