Alkaline Water and Juicing

IMG_20170925_105458166_BURST001.jpgThree days ago I was feeling defeated. I felt off track and alone in this and knew I needed to make a shift. I then remembered I had joined a healing psoriasis Facebook group a few months back so I went there to seek hope, community and to see how others were coping. I read on there a few stories on how it took a year to become 75% healed. I knew I just needed to be patient.

I reached out to one of the women in the group to ask more questions. She referred me to another Facebook group called Psoriasis Healing Warriors. After reading through the welcome guide, I realized there is more I can be doing.

I am now adding the juice of 1 lemon to every 32 oz cup of pure filtered water. I drink this in the morning right after my slippery elm tea. I also drink 3 more throughout the day.

Ialso started juicing in the morning and evening. In the morning I have 3 celery stalks, the rind of the lemon I used for my water, cilantro and parsley. In the evening I have cucumber, kale, red apple, orange, watermelon, broccoli stem, and ginger.  This is to help my body absorb nutrients and not have to work so hard breaking it down.

You can read more by going to

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