My next step

I keep getting asked how things are going with healing my psoriasis and I’m not quite sure how to answer. Overall, I have made great strides towards being mindful of what I am eating and what I avoid.  Up until last week when my hubby and I splurged in celebration of our 8th wedding anniversary (see picture), I had avoided nightshades, shellfish, white products, beef, and for a few weeks I even cut out gluten and limited dairy.

But then I would look at my psoriasis and it was still there.

I have been consistently drinking lemon water, slippery elm tea, juicing and eating lots of veggies.

But then I would look at my psoriasis and it was still there.

So when it came to our anniversary dinner, after much deliberation, I decided to go for it and enjoy those things I had avoided for 3 months.  I ordered steak, fresh white bread with butter and au gratin potatoes. And it was delicious!!!


But surprise, surprise…. A few days later, I noticed some flaky patches appear on my knees and elbows that had been void of it for a few months. This week, my psoriatic arthritis also flared up.

Ok, so maybe there is something to this healing naturally thing.  Moving forward though, I need some help. It has been a struggle being on my own and trying to figure this out without having a sounding board or immediate results. How do I know that what I am doing is the right thing. Believe me, I spend way too much time sitting in self doubt which sets me back on this healing journey.

Today I signed up for some one-on-one coaching from Matt Ludwig, the psoriasis warrior I wrote about in the last blog post. I need some support and direction (hand holding if you will) in order to stay the course.  Originally I thought I would be fully following Dr. Pagano’s method, but am surprised by the amount of research that is out there and plan on continuing to learn and grow.

It never goes exactly as we planned does it?


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